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Health & Safety

COVID-19 Guide & Form
December 2020

INPERSON & MOBILE SESSIONS (Declaration kindly requested)

I have created this page to help alleviate any fears and communicate what to expect and the operations I have implemented to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety so that sessions can continue.

What to Expect - Wellness Space: 

  • Once you have arrived you will be greeted, socially distanced and escorted to the Wellness Space without the need to touch any doors. 

  • Anti bacterial gel is provided however hands washed before and after every session

  • I wear a mask for every session. Before, during & after.

  • Please wear a mask and or face covering for your own wellbeing. 

  • The space is sole use and not shared, making it ideal and safe to operate coaching, intuitive reading and reiki sessions.

What to Expect - Mobile Session:

  • I wear a facemask

  • Please wear a mask and or face covering..

  • Select a hands on or off treatment.
  • All equipment is pre sanitised and all my own.
  • My Schedule has longer gaps to allow for these additional guidelines to be actioned safely.

Should you be what is considered high risk please refrain from booking at this time or if you have a booking please advise and request a free reschedule.

Covid-19 Health Declaration

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